This is mini-section will serves as a short bio, gallery, and filmography.

   Adam Ruebin Beach was born November 11, 1972 in Ashern, Manitoba, Canada. He has two brothers. He lived with his parents and brother on the Dog Creek Indian Reserve. Sadly, Adam and his brothers were left orphaned when their fathered drowned and their mother, sixs months pregnant, was hit and killed by a drunk driver. The boys then moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba to live with aunts and uncles.

   Having to deal with such a traumatic loss resulting in Adam lashing out in his preteens by stealng and joining a gang. However, once he joined a theatre company his sophomore year in high school, he instantly took a liking to the way theatre allowed him to express himself. By the age of 16, he landed a role in fellow Native American actor, Graham Greene's Lost in the Barrens.

   Mr. Beach has two sons, Noah born in 1996 and Luke born in 1998, with his ex-wife Meredith Porter. In 2003, he married Tara Mason. He currently resides in LA.

   Mr Beach is an Anishinaabe member of the Saulteaux tribe. Saulteaux is a French term meaning "people of the rapids". Saulteaux is a branch of the Ojibwe Nation. To make a long story short, all Natives have a word, regardless of the language they speak, meaning "the real people" or "the original people". the Ojibwe word for this term is Anishinaabe. I'm half Blackfoot so the language is different, but I am pretty sure the pronounciation is [ ah-nishinah-ah-beh ].

   Adam Beach's most reknowned role was probably in Smoke Signals. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing him act or are a newbie to Native films, i HIGHLY recommend this one

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